Jeroen van Vliet piano

Jeroen van Vliet voor de Boy Edgar prijs 2014.

Jeroen van Vliet – pianosolo

Performing solo is a special event. For a piano-player the stakes seem high: so much beautiful music by so many incredible pianists has ‘seen the light’ – it’s impossible to even consider to compete. 
So in order to allow myself to perform and record solo I know I need to be aware that it’s not about competing (it never is), but about the personal story, the inner music, my own ideas, and the experiment. 
My first attempt was my solo-recording in 1995, resulting into the cd ‘Who’s Afraid’. It was a great adventure to make an appointment with the world-famous Jan Erik Kongshaug at the Rainbow Studio in Oslo, Norway, to fly there with my friend and producer Eric van der Westen, and to play that incredible Steinway-grand for one single day. 
That album influenced my own musical career up till today, it pointed a way in esthetics, improvisation, imagery, composition. 

In 2012 I decided to record solo again, this I time I flew to Oslo all alone and took a day to improvise. On some pieces I added live-sampling with some simple endless reverb. After I had let it rest for a few months, I could extract the tracks that form the album ‘Wait’, released januari 2014 (together with the album OGU). Reviews and responses were hihgly complimenting.