Jeroen van Vliet piano


A new project with visual artist and musician Hans Timmermans, visuals and piano interacting. Please visit our website: 

“The audiovisual performance of Hans Timmermans (video and sound design) and Jeroen van Vliet (piano) focuses on the interaction between the piano and the computer-generated visuals. Hans Timmermans designed the interaction between visuals and sound: pianist Jeroen van Vliet responds to computer-generated visuals. In turn, the visuals are influenced by the sounds of the piano.
This way, the images, the soundtracks and the piano create a wonderful universe that naturally draws in the viewer / listener.

The piano sounds and the clear and transparent visuals are heavily ‘in conversation’ with each other; the contrast between the acoustic piano and the digital visuals are just like how new technology and the old world relate to each other, and the sensible imbalance is the engine behind the performance.

The performance represents the contrast that we can see all around us when we lose ourselves looking at our screens while we long for tangible contact and a real physical life. And it questions where we can find the connection with poetry in our hectic digital existence.
An ode to the beauty.”