Jeroen van Vliet piano

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Jeroen van Vliet’s OGU

Bram Stadhouders – guitar, laptop
Etienne Nillesen – percussion
Jeroen van Vliet – piano, electronics

Free improvisation has always been my biggest interest – the magic as well as the adventure and risks involved are very appealing to me and at times scary as well.

I know Etienne of course from Simin Tanders wonderful Quartet. Etienne has this sensitivity with sound that stops time (…)

Bram is a wonderful young guitarist with an additional extraordinary spacious electronic sound that is very open for musical interaction.

So when I thought of starting a new group, being doubtful about creating yet another concept, and free improvisation as an answer to that, OGU came up as the thing to do.

Our first rehearsal in my livingroom was wonderful. We planned a recording in Köln, september 12, 2012. That same week we performed our first 2 concerts, both opening-concerts, in Musis Sacrum in Arnhem and in the newly rebuild Paradox in Tilburg.

Our new cd OGU was released januari 2014, we presented it again in a packed Paradox. Reviews were great.