Jeroen van Vliet piano

New album MoonTrio to be released May 1!

Despite our challenges regarding the current pandemic, MoonTrio releases  their second album  Monochromes on the 1st of May 2020. We release both a CD and a USB-creditcard containing the same music. Please join our online presentation: – the concert that we will perform from Paradox Tilburg, and which will be streamed live on May 1 2020 20.30…

Mete Erker & Jeroen van Vliet: PLUIS cd presentation tour 2019

Mete Erker & Jeroen van Vliet: PLUIS cd presentation tour 2019   7 sept | Koppelkerk | Bredevoort 13 sept | Dockfest | Podium Bloos | Breda 14 sept | Jazz Tour aan de Maas | Bergen, Limburg 14 sept | Paradox | Tilburg 18 sept | SJIG | Brouwerij Martinus | Groningen 20 sept | ProJazz | Pianino Theater | Den Haag 25 sept| JazzKapel…

MoonTrio 2.0 to play at InJazz Rotterdam June 27

MoonTrio will bring new repertoire to the stage during InJazz Rotterdam this year. Come and listen to us at 12 pm in Walhalla (opposite Lantaren Venster) and check out our new spacious and poetic music. Of course with Mark Schilders (drums & electronics) and Cord Heineking (bass & electronics) and myself (piano & electronics). Hope…

    • "Van Vliet is one of these rare talented artists who can clarify musical character."
      Rinus van der Heijden,

      "Pianist Jeroen van Vliet is a master of nuance. His playing is enchanting, emotional and full of fantasy."
      Armand Serpenti, Trouw

      "After 60 minutes, one knows what beauty in improvised music means..."

      Hans-Jürgen von Osterhausen, Jazzpodium

      "His music is full of suspense, withheld resilience and the guts to use silence in a functional way."
      Coen de Jonge, Jazzism